Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tax Incentives for Biofuels from Organic Wastes

There are existing federal incentives for renewable fuels such as Ethanol made from Corn, food waste, Waste oil and Grease and other biomass as defined by EPA. Ethanol or bio diesel made from waste is certainly better than making it from consumer farm products such as Corn and Soybean. It is a good idea to provide federal and State incentives for making such liquid auto fuels that can replace conventional non renewable fuels such as Gasoline and Diesel fuel.

Considering the ample supply of natural gas and potential to extract large volumes from deep wells, the economic value of bio gas would stay flat and does not provide sufficient incentive for construction of farm digesters. The Dairy farms need to deal with environmental issues related to disposal of cow manure.Technology exists to clean the Bio gas and compress it to produce BIO-CNG that can fuel the farm vehicles and other public vehicles. It is time to extend the renewable fuel standards and allow the production of BIO-CNG with similar tax credit as the Bio diesel or Ethanol from Biomass.
We need all possible sources of auto fuels made from wastes to help solve the energy and environmental problems and be energy independent.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Green Partnerships between Public Private sector makes winners

Is solar power good for people living in cold climate such as Rochester NY?
While we get snow and have long winters, the silicon chips like it and make more power. In hot climate like Texas they work less efficient. So it is merely a question of cost and use of available tax credits to make it worthwhile in our climate. Who is taking advantage of the current incentives?

A Buffalo based Solar PV installer has come up with a creative 15 years lease solution for non profit organizations. Their plan offers a 15 years lease where they install a 25KW system worth $100,000 at no upfront cost to non profit organization. The non profit will just pay a monthly fee of $100.00, while using the green power produced on site with value of over $200 per month.

Therefore, the facility saves over $100 per month right from the beginning with no capital investment required upfront. Great example of Win-Win. Public non profit gets 25KW PV system and energy savings for long term. Private company gets tax credits and grant incentives to cover their risk and creates new business for them. This program is only available until end of this year. Let us hope the federal Govt extends the tax credit program so many organizations can take advanatge of such partnerships.

We need more Green power generation supported by incentives. It is worth it for a sustainable future.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Communities seek Economic Development Now. How?

Energy costs continue to rise and debts faced by communities are at all time high. How to stimulate the economy? Create jobs?
What we need is a long term strategy to deal with this issue. Energy Independence by conserving and generating energy offers a solution.
In past, America has invested Trillions on defending oil in middle east and other countries. As the soldiers come home, they can be trained to work on new Green economy to produce new products. The money spent on arms and funding the wars can now be invested in new innovative green products.
It is time we produce the next generation solar, wind and other conservation products in America and reduce our energy demand. The money saved from not importing foreign oil can be invested in local economy and help us develop our own infrastructure. It is time we invest in America and put our soldiers and resident fight the Energy War and become free.

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