Saturday, June 15, 2013

Climate Smart Communities Planning for Sustainability in New York

New York State has an ambitious plan to direct their investments in economic growth of communities while achieving Green energy goals to reduce our carbon foot print.

Under third round of consolidated funding application program in 2013, $750 Million Dollars are available for projects in many categories. This funding program also includes planning funds for communities that wish to plan and implement Green Energy Options to help deal with climate change and reduce dependence on nonrenewable energy sources.

New York's solar rising funding program and remote net metering offers a unique combination  of opportunity to communities that wish to control their energy costs and help create an environment for economic development.

The online grant applications for NY State projects are due starting on June 17th with a deadline of August 12, 2013. Municipalities that join the climate smart program of NYSDEC and adopt the policy of installing Sustainable green technologies are expected to have a better chance of getting the funding approved.

This is the time for forwarding thinking leaders to undertake the strategic plans to review their existing costs and find ways to reduce operating costs and invest in renewable energy generation and conservation projects.

Better future awaits New York with such programs and we hope that it can lead with economic growth and become an example for other states to follow.
It is time for renewal of the Empire States with such innovative programs.

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