Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sustainable Green Communities now seeking Reseliency for Climate Change adaptation

Solar energy is now the fastest growing Solution with potential to make power at same cost as other power sources. Therefore future power plants are more likely to be solar or Wind farms as compared to traditional designs.

Utility companies need base load power combined with peak load power such as solar to meet the grid demand. The management of the Grid and distributed generation is key to meet variable demands of the day.

Lower cost energy storage would be the game changer, where many Energy Storage companies will create a huge market in coming decade, as the unit cost of storage goes down. This is similar to what  happened to the price of solar PV panels in past 8 years.

Combining solar PV  with storage and controls would be the ideal solution where the energy production can match the usage and reduce the need to transmit power from remote power plants.

An added benefit to the communities would be their ability to create small micro-grids where power never fails when grid goes down. Without the storage, the Green power generation system must be turned off when power fails.

Better energy solutions are around the corner for planning sustainable Green communities seeking energy independence and resilient future for economic growth.

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Solar Power is the Future ! Arabian Countries are now installing massive Solar Power Farms.

What is happening in 2016 is incredible and beyond imagination. Energy Independence is here now and within our reach to help create sustainable green communities.

It is not too far in future when energy consumers all around the world would have access to green energy and not need the fixed power transmission network. Examples in India, China, Africa and United Arab Emirates(UAE) are great example of current activities. UN development with renewable energy

Nature's free gift to the world via Solar energy  has combined with human innovation to make it possible to make Clean and Green power and help existing Utility infrastructure. It should be noted that maximum power is produced in summer months when the energy demand is high and cost of power at peak hours is the highest. This make solar power made in the distribution system a valuable asset.

In New York State the incentives for solar power and now Community Distributed Generation can make a significant jump in green power production over next 5 years. Smart communities will take the opportunity and create 2 to 5 MW size CDG  systems where power produced is shared by the members of this group.

This is very strong long term strategy for economic development. We are lucky to be in New York State when it comes to support for renewable energy.

Memorial day reminds us about the sacrifices made by veterans in defending our freedom. When we defend other oil producing nations we were trying to secure nonrenewable energy supply. Now we can switch to natural green energy and not ever need to send our soldiers to fight for oil. Let us create new Green power advocates who will make us energy independent and reduce the environmental damage caused by burning oil,coal and natural gas. It is time to fight the Climate Change war with Green Weapons that create Good and not destruction.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Climate Change Solutions Sought at Paris Global Summit. Goals set to save the Earth!

This is a historic day for the world. We are grateful for all the people who participated in the Paris meeting and made their contribution to the world.
There are folks that will point out what is not in the Climate Plan and others will point that at least this issue was publicly discussed over 2 weeks and a common consensus was reached by all.
Silently many technology research scientists work on new innovations that would be making transformation changes simply based on saving money for the people. Renewable energy is no longer a more expensive option. Solar and Wind can now compete with old  power production technologies and provide power at cheaper rates to the customers. Many progressive States like New York are promoting the distributed generation where the customer is encouraged to make their own power while connected to the grid.
The rapid rise of solar power was reflected by large commitments made by India, China and others.
What to expect in next 10 years? Whatever the Climate Plan says may be superseded by the reality that solar power is the smarter way to meet the future energy demands. Even solar PV power have been installed in oil rich middle eastern countries. What is next?
The future looks good for renewable energy and energy conservation, as the cheaper energy storage batteries will make the Utility companies not as relevant as in the past. If renewable power can be made for 5 cents per Kwh then why would anyone build a coal or oil fired power plants. It is time to shut these old polluting plants and shift to clean power.
God by to expensive oil is possible if all of us decide to curb our use and use most efficient clean fuels.
Seek energy independence for the sake of next generation and saving the earth!

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

New York State DEC Agency Honors Town of Williamson in Upstate NY as Energy Independent Sustainable Community

Looking for a small Town reaching the goal of Energy Independence in America?
Well! Town of Williamson in Wayne County New York achieved it in 2014 and was honored with Environmental Excellence Award on November 17, 2015 by NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.
Check out this award at the following link;
Larsen Engineers was also recognized for assisting the Town of Williamson in providing guidance and engineering services to build 1.5 MW solar power system at their closed landfill which produces as much power as the Town owned facilities consumes per year.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Climate Change Solutions NOW.. Pope Says to the World during Visit to America

Sustainability when linked to Climate Change is now on top of the World's agenda for action. The Pope visiting America this week is the blessing for humanity for the protection of our planet. Environmental justice for million of poor suffering people requires action by leading developed countries.They live in wrong places led by Greedy dictators, Crazy Terrorists armed by Soviet and American made weapons, or in low lying lands where change is rising of ocean levels will cause mass migration.

Unfortunately there are many smart and educated people who have given their Political ideology more value and ignoring the truth. There is no Global Warming and no Climate change caused by man is what they are trying to tell us therefore no need to act.It is time to face the Truth and think about what is Good for People and not their Party. This is People issue and not any one political party.

Are we ready to deal with it? Pope's message is right on the mark. As religious leader he is living the role when he says serving the poor and needy is the practice of true religion. The community leaders of today in rural America have as much responsibility and opportunity to act as the President of USA or Congress.

So how do we create sustainable green communities in our own Villages and Towns? Transform these areas into resilient energy independent neighborhoods that demonstrates conservation of water and creating healthy life style consuming locally grown food products.

In New York we can start with building community shared solar neighborhoods where members with low economic level can get cheap power and join other small businesses and institutions for common ownership of large solar PV farms built on low value land near suitable power lines. Grant funding is available from NYSERDA to create such facilities to serve apartments, City residents, small businesses, commercial units etc. We- the consumers are now empowered to make our own power for 20% lower than what Power company charges us today. In future, 20 years from now the power cost is expected to double.Therefore, why not fix the cost now and be independent from power company cost of energy. As the grants and tax credits reduce in future, we should act now and promote community distributed generation in all small Towns and Villages.

Why Wait? Listen to the Pope's message and act now. You will save Money, help our Economy and the Environment.

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Saturday, August 08, 2015

Power of the Sun 200GW- Building equivalent of 200 Nucelar Power plants in six Years?

Where do they plan to build Solar PV systems equivalent of 200 nuclear power plants in Six years?
It happens to be India who recently took bids from North American companies and awarding contracts at lowest cost per Kwh.

The Private solar developers quoted about 8 cents per Kwh for large GW size systems as part of the ambitious plans announced by Govt of India.

Climate change is REAL. America can lead the world and not follow by adopting this technology at much larger scale. Imagine how long will it take if you wanted to build one Nuclear power plant in America? Clean energy from Sun is now creating hundreds of GW of solar power at a fast pace unimagined by anyone few years ago.

This is very good news as the Power from Sun becomes affordable and fast to implement.

Hope both Democrats and Republicans take advantage of this Free Gift from Nature to solve our energy problem and deal with Climate change.

Sustainable Green communities achieving Energy Independence is our goal. Better days are ahead.


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Sunday, May 10, 2015

For Power Consumers - We have the choice to Achieve Energy Freedom!

Can 2015 be the beginning of new consumer movement that allows them to be free from the Utility? In New York State the Policies under review will take us closer to realizing this dream. Elon Musk and his vision to provide and promote lower cost energy storage was announced on April 30th. Combined with Solar power and smart controls this enables the customer to buy power at night and use it in the day powered by storage system in the garage.

The old paradigm is that we need the power company to sell us power at whatever cost and we have no choice. It worked when other options were beyond consumers reach. Now it is time to have distributed generation with storage and let them be paid for the service, connectivity and backup power.

With Solar PV system now at below $2.00 per watt and storage around $400 per KW, we are closer to Energy Freedom. This message would soon reach more people and the time to take bold action could happen starting in 2015.

After 45 years of celebrating Earth Day, the time has come when one can imagine the dream coming true.What makes this timely is the fact that Climate change is getting the national attention and people realize that resiliency of power is important when the power grid goes down. The peace of mid that it does not matter when power goes down because now you have your own power plant and storage system that can be activated automatically with smart control and keep you home or business running. This is safety, comfort and economic issue.

Smart consumer living ins sustainable Green communities will realize this and take advantage of financial incentives, long term low interest financing and become secure and seek their Energy Freedom.

What are we waiting for?  Energy Independence is around the corner.

Go for it!

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