Saturday, July 07, 2007

Answer the Call

As I watched the the climate change concert, the heart filled with gratitude for people who made it happen. What an effort people have made to communicate with so many.

God Bless these folks with lot more energy to continue the journey that began on 07.07.07. We have a little over three years to reach 10.10.10 when we can measure and celebrate the Victory of People over correcting mistakes of the past.

The choice is ours to take the more common sense path of living with nature. What good it will do to keep arguing about who caused it. Let us focus on the Solutions and make a difference.

Keep talking to others about it and ask them to make simple & small changes with big results.
Each of us owes mother nature corrective action. Therefore "answer the call". The time is now to start converting your own communities into sustainable examples. Others will follow. Call your Mayor, Town Supervisor or County executive and ask them how can you help them.