Friday, May 21, 2010

Sustainability and Keeping the Oil prices down

As the oil leaks through the BP drilled well the world waits and watches the environmental consequences of this source of energy. We wonder if there is a better way?
Oil prices dipped this week and bring short term good news for the consumer as they fill gas this summer. There is a hidden message in these events. Price goes down when demand goes down.
So how do we as consumer keep the demand down or eliminate the demand? Conservation helps reduce demand and green power sources such as wind, solar and land based geothermal shift the demand to better choices.
Let us think long range and invest in our future by supporting the financing incentives to spread the costs over the life of these options. When you build a traditional power plant the capital cost is spread over 30 - 40 years. Why not use the same term and give the opportunity to install wind, solar etc? Low interest rates are right now available. Let us not miss this opportunity.
Are the community leaders ready to take this opportunity to make their Village and Town Green.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Powered by Nature- The Net Zero Age

Since last week, we are watching the oil spill which threatens to now come ashore from the BP Oil platform. This event reminds us about the nation's dependence on oil and the associated risks. The issue of How our future energy should be provided, is on the front page and on the news head lines.

Soon this event may also be forgotten and we go back to the next crisis. On the other hand, it could be an opportunity to learn about how to deal with oil spills from EXISTING oil wells and why we should not delay seeking natural green solutions.

The good news is that we have an Energy company willing to supply us unlimited power forever and not charge us a dime for raw materials. In addition there is no pollution caused by nature based energy production systems! The name of this company happens to be " Mother Nature".

Look around us - Sun , Wind, Rain, Land are all given to us by Nature, and with human innovation we can convert these resources to help us deal with our energy needs. Here are examples of possible actions- Build best insulated homes, use natural day light and install LED lights. Use PV Panels and urban wind turbines, install solar thermal units for hot water.Use Land to provide geothermal HVAC systems for our buildings. Soon we will realize that we really may not need the Power companies anymore.

We should make these investments to install new green energy technology financed over 10 years, and use tax credits or green energy incentives to achieve shorter paybacks. When implemented as long range solution and with financial incentives, it is very possible to gain independence from Power companies.

The decision is now in our hand to invest in green technologies for setting us free. Free from future uncertainty of cost of power and the negative impact on climate change.

I love the concept of 'net-zero" because it shows us that we can control our future and not be subject to external forces to raise our costs for energy use in future.

Hopefully our Federal energy programs will make it easier to take such actions. Better days are ahead.