Saturday, July 30, 2011

Energy Independence Dream is achievable in New York

Energy policy and incentives govern how the consumers can deal with this very important issue.When energy costs keeps going up, the consumer may feel helpless and worried about the future. New York has high taxes and has seen people and industry leave for lower cost locations. It is good to see the new policy that empowers the customer and makes it possible for the consumer to reduce the consumption with grants and incentives. Similalry with the new remote net metering law, the consumer can prodcue green power at remote location and count this energy production against other places of energy use. It is time to plan the strategy about how to reduce consumption and then make green power so over 5-10 years one can become energy independent.What an opportunity!!! What are we waiting for?

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Help the Farmers - "Carrots are better than Stick"

I read a report from Sierra club addressing the environmental issues in Finger Lakes area. They stated that larger farms called CAFO's raise thousands of animals and contain huge amounts of manure stored in lagoons.Conventional approach to address potential issue of pollution is to hire more Government employees to monitor these farms and fine them for violations.
What could be a Greener approach that can provide better results?
These farms are agribusinesses that create jobs and help local economy. Why not ask the existing government agencies to work together and help them implement renewable energy generation system that can convert manure waste into bio-gas and power generation. For example in New York State- the Empire State development and County Industrial Development Agencies could work with Environmental Facilities Corporation(EFC) and seek the Revolving loan funds for Anaerobic Digester project implementation.The loan gets repaid from the savings in energy costs and waste gets treated so it does not smell or cause pollution. This would be the carrot approach.
Which one is better? Any comments?

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Making money at Dairy Farms via Waste to Energy

Happy to note that my article on dairy waste management was published in June issue of Manure Manager Magazine.
Dairy Farms are facing environmental issues while they have a valuable bio-energy resource in the form of cow manure. Perfect example of how a liability can be converted to an asset by anaerobically digesting this waste to make biogas.
Read more on the following link:

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Monday, July 04, 2011

Hope and Expectations for 2012 Independence Day

As the fireworks ends in Rochester and many other communities, the mind wonders what lies ahead in the coming year?

Election in November 2012 could bring investment in infrastructure to create construction jobs. The long term problems related to high cost of energy can only be solved by more alternative energy projects and financial incentives to promote them.
New York has passed some good laws in June that give us an indication of better times ahead.

Sustainability of communities and economic growth depends on smart choices in investments made by our National leaders.

God Bless America!


Saturday, July 02, 2011

Hydrofracking versus Biogas Power

In New York this weekend, The State released the report from NYSDEC allowing hydrofracking in some areas of the shale deposits at over 2000 ft below ground. The Oil and Gas industry plans to capture the natural gas and serve our energy needs for centuries. The promise of economic development is attractive to businesses and local communities.
While we look for energy solutions deep in the ground, a perfectly natural energy solution is waiting on the ground to get the attention of public officials. This solution is based on biogas which is equal to 60% natural gas and is sustainable forever, as long as we have cows and organic good waste to feed the anaerobic digesters.
All Gas wells deep in the ground, will run out of gas some day and leave an abandoned mark on the ground. Our Farms serve our local communities and their economic survival is based on economic value. Building anaerobic digesters and producing biogas based energy will solve odor and environmental problems while giving them their own energy and cash savings.
So let us focus on manure and organic waste energy and first convert it to serve us without any oil and gas company involvement. A consumer can now make their own energy and be the producer. This will be true energy independence!
The dream is worth investing our resources in it. Better days are ahead.

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Friday, July 01, 2011

Colloborate to seek energy independence

Our energy problems are common but there is lack of initiative to seek the solutions together. Why? We are used to each individual finding their own solutions.
Communities are facing tough economic issues and need to work with private businesses and help them find savings in operating costs. Many programs have been started in New York state that can help reduce energy consumption and incentives are available to make green power. It is time for Government and Industry to work together and strengthen each other. This is what our Leaders should focus on and not just talk about limitation of resources.
On this July 4th weekend, we are happy to be working with three small NY communities who have made serious commitment to be energy independent and start planning their strategy to achieve these goals.