Saturday, July 02, 2011

Hydrofracking versus Biogas Power

In New York this weekend, The State released the report from NYSDEC allowing hydrofracking in some areas of the shale deposits at over 2000 ft below ground. The Oil and Gas industry plans to capture the natural gas and serve our energy needs for centuries. The promise of economic development is attractive to businesses and local communities.
While we look for energy solutions deep in the ground, a perfectly natural energy solution is waiting on the ground to get the attention of public officials. This solution is based on biogas which is equal to 60% natural gas and is sustainable forever, as long as we have cows and organic good waste to feed the anaerobic digesters.
All Gas wells deep in the ground, will run out of gas some day and leave an abandoned mark on the ground. Our Farms serve our local communities and their economic survival is based on economic value. Building anaerobic digesters and producing biogas based energy will solve odor and environmental problems while giving them their own energy and cash savings.
So let us focus on manure and organic waste energy and first convert it to serve us without any oil and gas company involvement. A consumer can now make their own energy and be the producer. This will be true energy independence!
The dream is worth investing our resources in it. Better days are ahead.

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