Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Tribute - what is the Price of Independence?

This year Memorial Day comes among Unrest in many places as wars take place to gain land or right to live FREE. People in many countries live in fear and small minority of people impose their rules using force.

Americans carry the message of freedom through selfless action and Deeds, as our young men fight so others could experience how people could shape their own future as democratic nation. We are in some places to prove that our way is lot better than cruel rule by the Gun and giving life for Freedom for all is worth it.

What would be a good tribute by us Civilians do from our homes and protect our future? How about practicing and supporting Energy conservation, and Generation of green power as our fight for energy independence? Do it for the future generation and bringing economic growth to America.

Let us keep our money in the Country as we live with our own energy and soon stop importing oil. It can be and should be done! This civil action by all citizen has enormous potential with small financial sacrifice by each of us. If the War Veterans can give their lives, we can at least do this for the Country.In the long run we will WIN!

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