Saturday, March 05, 2011

Oil Prices are up. Time to Act is NOW to seek freedom from Oil.

As the oil supplying Kingdoms fall or threatened to fall, the speculators help raise the price of oil. More money goes out of our country and most of us wonder what to do?
We can take immediate steps for the long term future by investing in the alternative energy field. Government can provide long term capital as Green Loans so these systems can be financed over 25 years and deliver stable energy for next 3 decades.

Current financial incentives make it possible for all small consumers to produce on site power for their own use and stop worrying about the price of electricity via net metering programs.What is missing is the Green Revolving Loan fund that can provide money to build these systems at 3-4% interest rate paid over 25 years. Once the funding is available( which will never run out as borrowers pay back their loans and new ones borrow from it),our journey for energy independence will accelerate.

It is a sad truth that sometimes a crisis motivates action by people. The gas price of $4 to $5 bucks may get us going. On the other hand it is better to act now, keep the money in America and save money for ourselves.

Are we ready to start?


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