Saturday, November 20, 2010

Economic Development in Green Communities

It was my pleasure to watch a PBS show last Thursday - 'fixing the future". What a treat it was. Here is a real life trip to American communities that have engaged their people and businesses to bring economic growth. They are developing new solutions to our economic problems in a cooperative approach with local focus. Money stays within the community and people enjoy working together creating happiness. One could see the positive attitude and many smiles on their faces as they give more value to helping each other as compared to just trying to get richer at someone else cost.

Leaders in all communities should view these examples and start the programs to involve the key stakeholders and develop their own community vision. Businesses could be encouraged to buy local. Banks can help small businesses to start growing organic food, create waste recycling enterprises, develop green jobs training programs. Old buildings could be fixed with volunteer help and used to house new enterprises. Energy conservation improvements can be made to reduce cost. So many things can be done when you out the local brains together to think their own strategy.

The Key is not to wait for someone else at Federal or State level to do this, but take action at local level. People Power can be engaged to make quick change in the local communities and bring positive energy just like the communities in the PBS show.

America is showing this by action and great hope exists wherever we take such steps and truly apply the Freedom to do what we collectively decide to do.


At 9:55 AM, Blogger usefulcommunitydevelopment said...

I love this post, Ram. Yes, we can "out the brains." That's the only thing that will move us beyond the current economic malaise within a reasonable amount of time. We're going to have to take matters into our own hands, enable and empower ordinary people to think out of their ordinary boxes, and then respond as lends, community leaders, and businesspersons in extraordinary ways.

We can do this. Considering what's going on or not going on at the national and international levels, I think local communities should start to band together to form their own little self-sufficient economy to the extent possible.

At 2:52 PM, Anonymous Dave said...

We have a very small but didcated community of "doers" here in Calgary but no leadership ehatsoever at the municipal or provincial governments, so building something for the future is daunting. You can check out our projecy at and I would appreciate your comments


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