Thursday, September 30, 2010

Warmest ever 113 F in LA on September 28th?

I am not sure what non believers are saying when they hear about 113 F temperature in Los Angeles this week. Recently, in Pakistan land area of about 40% size was under flooded, Memphis was flooded last month. We have broken temperature records this year. What other proof do we need to recognize that Climate change or Global Warming is a serious threat to our lives. Future extreme weather events in many parts of the world are going to make more believers, but do we need disasters to convince us to take action?
Smart sustainable green communities should use the prevention approach and plan their water infrastructure to deal with excess rain. Educate people to harvest rain and build green roofs to deal with such events.

Loss of life and property damage caused by the mother natures water delivery system is significant and more likely than some terrorist threats. As the temperature and pressures change the clouds form with enormous quantities of moisture and transport it to a spot where it may be dumped in short period of time. It can happen anywhere and sometimes far away from those industrially developed lands which may be contributing toward creation of this problem.

It is time to recognize the connection between nature and man's actions, and take steps to correct the problem. Set goals for Energy Independence and design net zero buildings or retrofits. We can do it.

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