Friday, August 13, 2010

Watch GASLAND and resolve to protect our beautiful country

In my last blog , I incorrectly named the documentary. It is GAS LAND and not Gas Town.
The message is simple, that we the people have choices. Some forms of traditional non-renewable natural resources have negative consequences. The Energy producers using these raw materials have lots of money and want to do the same. We the people have the choice to use them or not. Energy Independence goal is our personal choice and living in Free country is the privilege we have. Take control of our own destiny and say no to options that pollute the environment. This Green approach is certainly an opportunity for the Oil & Gas companies to invest their money and make more money as a business. Let the oil and gas drillers become the solar panel installers or operating the bio gas generation plants taking animal waste to convert to green renewable energy. What will happen is driven by Consumers. Are we ready to maintain our homes and businesses operating on FREE natural resources? Sun, Wind, Water and Land are available to everyone. Why continue the path of drill and destroy our beautiful Land? Choice is ours. Listen to your conscience and then act.
Green is Gold!


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