Saturday, October 16, 2010

Urgency for Sustainability.Replace Fear with Hope.

I listened to a talk yesterday at RIT given by Mr. Kevin Surace of Serious materials.Here was a graduate of RIT returning to tell the next generation to focus on Green technology as solution to our climate change mega-problem. His message- Innovate with disruptive technologies that can make a world of difference. We were listening to someone who is walking the talk. His company is a living example that you can be financially successful while creating many green jobs and help solve our environmental problem. We need Leaders like Mr. Surace in every community in America.We hope that his message gets to new leaders that will follow his example and innovate in every other field that deals with energy use.

The next generation graduating from our Universities that should take notice of this challenge. This is the "purpose" you are searching for, Creating solutions that can help us be energy independent.

The temperature rising and snow melting on our poles is scary observation, and if you look at actual pictures taken by NASA we may not have as many years to control this problem as we thought earlier. The thought of extreme flooding, displacement of millions of people is very disturbing. More deaths could be caused by environmental consequences as compared to the wars of the past. Now is the time to ACT and be inspired by the possibility of green solutions, new jobs and economic security. It will help and make some difference to the world while give us a great feeling that we did our part to the best of our ability. Each person counts so let us move forward with action.

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