Saturday, November 20, 2010

Economic Development in Green Communities

It was my pleasure to watch a PBS show last Thursday - 'fixing the future". What a treat it was. Here is a real life trip to American communities that have engaged their people and businesses to bring economic growth. They are developing new solutions to our economic problems in a cooperative approach with local focus. Money stays within the community and people enjoy working together creating happiness. One could see the positive attitude and many smiles on their faces as they give more value to helping each other as compared to just trying to get richer at someone else cost.

Leaders in all communities should view these examples and start the programs to involve the key stakeholders and develop their own community vision. Businesses could be encouraged to buy local. Banks can help small businesses to start growing organic food, create waste recycling enterprises, develop green jobs training programs. Old buildings could be fixed with volunteer help and used to house new enterprises. Energy conservation improvements can be made to reduce cost. So many things can be done when you out the local brains together to think their own strategy.

The Key is not to wait for someone else at Federal or State level to do this, but take action at local level. People Power can be engaged to make quick change in the local communities and bring positive energy just like the communities in the PBS show.

America is showing this by action and great hope exists wherever we take such steps and truly apply the Freedom to do what we collectively decide to do.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election Results to Wake up Government Leaders

The elections are over today and voters have shown their concerns through their vote that economy and jobs are critical issues. America has always led the world and it is time we stop the downhill slide created by weak economy and weak dollar.

The solutions to these issues require innovation and new technology that the World can use to solve our common problems- Energy, Climate Change and Water management.

We have confidence in our ability to come up with new solutions. Wind energy and Solar PV technology was invented in USA and we have many smart brains and the freedom to invent many new solutions for the future.

The next generation must get involved and help us find solutions that create local jobs and protect the environment. Government must be ready to help make loans and investments to small businesses to develop new technologies. Old infrastructure in our communities must be replaced with more efficient technology that reduces energy demands and help conserve our resources. Let us hope that our Leaders will come together from all parties and think of the people who elected them and the Country we have an obligation to serve.
Good Luck!