Thursday, February 23, 2012

Replace oil speculators with leaders promoting green energy vision

We watch helplessly as the gas prices rises, while wall street dealers manipulate the market and make their quick buck.Self interest is the basic instinct for people making a living.

What the world needs more are people who are making the difference in the world they live in and bring benefits to others.Our energy policy needs a long term view and leaders that set the stage for a better future. Some politicians want to drill for more oil or seek gas deposit and continue relying on the old nonrenewable sources of energy. This short sighted approach does not get us out of this slavery and dependence on oil.

It takes courage to fight the energy independence war and some short term sacrifices are necessary to conserve energy and get serious about stopping wasteful habits.Where are the Leaders who will tell the truth with the risk of losing their seat? It is time for each one of us to take lead by adopting the green approach and support the development of green energy. Our kids future depends on it.


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At 8:21 PM, Anonymous Tony Allen said...

Replace oil speculators with leaders promoting green energy vision

Sadly the oil companies and people on Wall Street are causing enough confusion for the sake of profit. Honestly, I think none of them are even trying to fund renewable and alternative sources of energy. The world has been depending on fossil fuels for far too long and they still capitalize on it. I myself long for a new leader of any super power country to stand up to them and take a turn in the energy revolution.


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