Saturday, September 03, 2011

Message from my Grandson's Go Green photo

My son sent me a photo of our Grandson wearing a white shirt with " GO GREEN" message on the chest. It is a very cute photo with a very important message.
So what does it mean?
Is he telling us that in next 15- 20 years (as he grows) the world's environment would change significantly. Last two years events of extreme weather events are giving us some hints.
Is he asking us what have we done about dealing with Climate change? and what kind of world his Grandfathers generation is leaving for him?
The interpretation is really in our hands but demands action and not just talk. Hope that we will not disappoint him and his generation and leave for them a world full of possibilities and not despair.
The dream come true may include him living in " Net Zero" community, driving a Hydrogen car that exhausts water. Every home making power and recovering natural energy. Locally grown healthy food consumed that uses organic fertilizer made from food waste. Solar powered bikes that people use instead of cars for local commute.Harvested rain water reducing our water demand. Coal & Oil forgotten as fuel sources. Future generation may wonder how we got hooked to polluted fuels and sent Billion of Dollars outside the country rather than investing at home.
I can only pray that sanity prevails and politics allows common sense solutions to be implemented, as my Grandson grows to become an active participant of Green economy.
Good Luck!

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