Saturday, September 03, 2011

Follow Europe or Lead the World for Energy Independence?

The reality is that in alternative energy market, Europe has great examples of how to develop green energy projects to reduce their dependence on oil. August 2011 issue of Biocycle magazine featured a Village in Germany that is " Energy Independent". This Village implemented Green energy projects and used the revenues to fund their other infrastrucure needs.
With dire economic conditions and poor job environment,America has the opportunity to invest into the Alternative Green energy markets and enable the consumers to become power producers to meet their own needs. It will inspire innovation in Green Technology field and help us lead the world with new solutions.
The interest rates are lowest and offer perfect timing to offer ZERO interest 30 Year mortgage loans on power generating systems. This is not taking in more debt for the nation, it is investing the money which will be paid back by the borrower.
Let us hope the President and Congress presents practical programs next week that can directly help reduce energy costs and build a new infrastructure.
May God Help America!

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