Sunday, September 18, 2011

Energize America by investing pension funds in energy retrofits

The economy waits for new jobs and new investments. American communities see the old infrastructure deteriorate and inefficient old buildings and plants waste valuable energy. Interest rates are so low that most pension funds see very low rates of return.So what does this scenario tell us? Why not invest and get the old buildings and plants fixed NOW and achieve economic development and create jobs.

In coming weeks Past president Clinton is gathering the public private leaders under his Global Initiative. It was mentioned that Nation's large Union pension funds may be investing in installation of energy retrofits for conservation and Green power generation. This will create jobs and save energy for ever. Saved money can be used to buy products and create demand. The return on pension funds would be assured and better than their current returns. Government and Unions can loan the money so it all comes back to them. The savings in energy will enable the payback of the loan. All the old buildings and plants become efficient user of energy.

Sounds a simple and low risk plan. So what are we waiting for?


At 9:02 PM, Anonymous David Guion said...

I'm very glad to read this. We can't wait around for the government to come and fix things. Individual households can accomplish a lot, but certainly not what pension managers can!

At 4:39 AM, Blogger Jessica Morgan said...

What’s up! Love your; thanks for sharing it with everyone


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