Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Independence Day July 4th has new Meaning and New Vision- "Goodbye Oil" is coming soon

Look at the news headlines related to Renewable Energy and Energy Storage in June..2017,  the message is that Future is very bright in this field.

Climate change is a great challenge to us all and it offers tremendous opportunity to make transformational changes in the world.

We work with small Municipalities in New York State and most still operate in the old paradigm. If no change is made then they may miss the opportunity to become Energy Independent. It is not a dream anymore as we can achieve it now with help from current incentives and lowering cost of hardware.

Can you imaging that in 2017-2018 electric power can be made cheaper by the consumer as compared to power company. Abundant solar energy is for everyone and every location should look at natural resources that can help them reach energy independence.

The transportation industry is about to see " Goodbye Gasoline" in near future, as new cars that go for 250 to 350 miles on one charge are available and affordable in coming years. Self driving cars and cars that do not have exhaust are Clean smart cars that will make big cities livable and healthy. Charge them at  night and use them for micro-gird management when power fails. These are ideas of today made possible in near future.

I am very hopeful that a new vision is about to become reality as we approach 2020. I certainly plan to switch to EV in next 2 years and say "Goodbye to Oil". This 20/20 vision is now possible due to new technology development and incentives to invest in Clean power.

Better days are ahead! Let us go Green and say Goodbye to Oil.
Future Independence Days would have lot more meaning as we work together.

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