Thursday, October 27, 2016

Climate change adaptation with Energy Independence

There is change in the air as we go through the final days before elections. It happens to be the same time where scientists are discovering that our Glaciers are melting faster than original projections. Unfortunately, some people still believe that it is not happening and ignoring all the photos and videos that clearly make the point. Their minds are made up for some political reason and facts may not mean anything.

We hope that our Leaders who are elected this November hang their party affiliation out side the door of the Congress, Senate and White house and deal with reality and listen to professionals who have spent lifetime doing what they do and care about our earth and future of the planet.

Fortunately in New York, we have a progressive goals and vision to be 30 -50% renewable energy users for all Government facilities using the available solar and renewable energy incentives. Under NYSERDA grant program, NY based communities  can become certified as Clean Energy Communities and seek 100% grant to implement programs that will enable them to meet the goals of reducing GHG emissions. This will allow them to plan the strategy to reduce energy consumption and shift to cleaner fuels and promote Green sustainable solutions.

Communities making all of their power at large community shared solar farms is here now and this will allow them to become energy Independent and be part of the Climate change solution. Now it is up to the leaders of these communities to decide and take a positive step toward making them energy smart and efficient users of Clean power.

Good Luck!

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