Thursday, September 24, 2015

Climate Change Solutions NOW.. Pope Says to the World during Visit to America

Sustainability when linked to Climate Change is now on top of the World's agenda for action. The Pope visiting America this week is the blessing for humanity for the protection of our planet. Environmental justice for million of poor suffering people requires action by leading developed countries.They live in wrong places led by Greedy dictators, Crazy Terrorists armed by Soviet and American made weapons, or in low lying lands where change is rising of ocean levels will cause mass migration.

Unfortunately there are many smart and educated people who have given their Political ideology more value and ignoring the truth. There is no Global Warming and no Climate change caused by man is what they are trying to tell us therefore no need to act.It is time to face the Truth and think about what is Good for People and not their Party. This is People issue and not any one political party.

Are we ready to deal with it? Pope's message is right on the mark. As religious leader he is living the role when he says serving the poor and needy is the practice of true religion. The community leaders of today in rural America have as much responsibility and opportunity to act as the President of USA or Congress.

So how do we create sustainable green communities in our own Villages and Towns? Transform these areas into resilient energy independent neighborhoods that demonstrates conservation of water and creating healthy life style consuming locally grown food products.

In New York we can start with building community shared solar neighborhoods where members with low economic level can get cheap power and join other small businesses and institutions for common ownership of large solar PV farms built on low value land near suitable power lines. Grant funding is available from NYSERDA to create such facilities to serve apartments, City residents, small businesses, commercial units etc. We- the consumers are now empowered to make our own power for 20% lower than what Power company charges us today. In future, 20 years from now the power cost is expected to double.Therefore, why not fix the cost now and be independent from power company cost of energy. As the grants and tax credits reduce in future, we should act now and promote community distributed generation in all small Towns and Villages.

Why Wait? Listen to the Pope's message and act now. You will save Money, help our Economy and the Environment.

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