Sunday, April 27, 2014

Our Leaders should not be afraid to promote Sustainability & Climate Change initiatives that save Money

Recent news conveys that some Leaders of Countries pushed the Scientists to soften the reality about what Climate change could do to our planet. Final released version of Global Climate change report is only what they wanted to be published.

Unfortunately this type of action only shows how ignorant they are about money savings aspects of many climate change initiatives. Energy Conservation when seriously taken and financed from the operating cost can generate fantastic results for the existing users. Our demand for conventional fuels automatically goes down and help climate change.

United Nations and other Country's Leaders should consider Energy Conservation as the new "Weapon of Mass Benefit". Let us call it "WMB" in contrast with "WMD",  where money is spent to destroy and not create. Why  not help invest in technologies that can save money and create Jobs?

Reality of how Corporate Executives think.. is that top managers are not ready to take risks and push changes that can save money due to perceived risk. What happens if it does not work? We know several industrial waste treatment system that can save them several hundred thousand dollars per year, but they are unable to decide because change is difficult to get Corporate approvals, when it competes with other Capital investments. These same projects may get quick "Yes" if we could offer financing the capital to pay for the change and Client only pays from the annual savings.  Thus they are relieved from taking the financial risk and need not request capital funds from the Corporate HQ. This " shared saving agreement "SSA" is performance based and could be good model to accelerate the adoption of Green Energy Saving technologies.

What is lacking now ,  is the financial institutions that can lend money to Technology providers so they can offer the shared savings agreement (SSA)  to potential customers.  NYS has recently created the Green bank which may be able to play a role to implement such concepts.

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