Sunday, January 13, 2013

New York Sun Rising- a message for Sustainability

For New Yorkers the state of the State address by our Governor Cuomo brings a message of hope and commitment for economic development. This bold strategy recognizes the value of Green renewable energy and how action must be taken to deal with Climate change.

Yesterday was the warmest day with temperatures in Finger Lakes approaching 60 F on January 12th. The snow is just about gone and green lawns are reminding us that our climate has changed and Global warming is also a reality.

The question is whether we act proactively to prevent future problems or react to problems when they happen? Sandy has left a multi Billion dollars damage for New York and New Jersey. What are where we may see similar or lot worse natural disasters?

New York is now investing in Green Energy technology with the new development plan as outlined in 2013 last week's Speech by Governor Cuomo. Solar and Farm waste digester energy are key element of this plan. This is lot safer approach to implement than our search for drilled oil and natural gas.
It is our hope that we do not settle for the old easy way with strong push from very strong and expensive lobby from established petroleum industry. This is the time to be pragmatic and use the revenues from nonrenewable sources to invest in developing renewable energy from solar, wind and bio gas digesters.

We are fortunate to have Leaders that have long term vision and are willing to take action to protect and preserve the environment. Sun Rising in NY brings new meaning to the State. Many communities now have an opportunity to become Energy Independent for serving their Municipal facilities.

It feels good  to be a New Yorker. Thank you Governor Cuomo for your Leadersip.

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