Thursday, November 01, 2012

What Sustainable Communities need from the President ?

Climate Change and Global warming are realities to most people in  the world. However, when it comes of our U.S.Politics some leaders would rather ignore the white elephant in the room and hope no one notices.
Some would make fun of the predictions and deny that any preventive action is necessary.
These are very smart well educated leaders and in their heart they may acknowledge the environmental issues but their party platforms may dictate what they say in public.
It is unfortunate that as we get close to the elections no politician had the courage to talk about this most important and costly issue facing us all. It would have gone unnoticed but Mother Nature had some other plans. Hurricane Sandy came as the reminder that we either pay for prevention or pay for the consequences of inaction.
Mayor Bloomberg  of New York City finally broke the silence about Presidential choice and shared his conclusion today that Mr. Obama has better understanding of the issue and would do more to deal with Global Warming or Climate Change.
Republican Governor of New Jersey, is facing the direct impact of Warmer Ocean and hurricane caused by Climate Change. He does not have time to ponder over why it happened but is happy that FEMA and Federal help is there to share the loss.Hope every politician is asking an honest question about why are we not focusing on solutions and wasting time on denying the reality?
The financial impact of inaction about Global Warming would be more than any local conflicts, and cause pain to so many people. Our communities need Leaders that are honest and willing to forget what their party says and follow their heart.
Conservative views to reduce taxes and wastes must combine with Conservation of Energy and using Cleaner energy from renewable sources. Who can be against better air quality and healthy sustainable environment?
This election may finally be decided by who can lead us out of this mess and invest in better technologies to solve our Energy and Environmental problems.Let us hope that in next 5 days both candidates will stop avoiding this issue and talk about their action plan to deal with Global warming and Climate Change. Fortunately job creation, economic growth can also be byproducts of the Green initiatives.

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