Saturday, October 20, 2012

U.S. Energy Independence before 2020, is Possible!

What a difference 5 years and technology makes! We could not project that America could become Energy Independent from Oil imports before Year 2020.During last 3 years we are seeing the impact of technology on natural Gas supply and historical lower prices. The drilling rigs, horizontal drilling and fracking technology is being utilized for shale derived energy development in several states within America.It is conceivable that oil price would also drop in 1-2 years and allow us to stop sending our money to other producing countries.

When we can say that America is now an energy exporting country, that will be the first true Independence Day. Could this day be July 2015, 2016? Only time will tell. It is no longer a question that will it happen... but when will it happen?

We know that Environmental damages are real risks at the point of energy extraction,therefore the well financed Developers must seriously make necessary investments to prevent such outcomes.Oil and Gas are the old nonrenewable energy sources that we can use now and invest the saved money into non renewable technology such as solar systems and biomass energy.

Climate change and Global warming are realities but also generate controversy within political parties.The common factor with no disagreement are Energy Independence, saving money and creating local economic development.

This is no time to waste our efforts in discussions and debates about environmental consequences.Let us take a pragmatic approach and develop alternative energy with the help of our own oil and gas resources and invest in energy conservation projects.

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