Sunday, August 05, 2012

Energy Independence in 10 years?

The Hot extreme weather is in the news.Increased power demand resulting from hot weather and water shortages was reported to caused600 million people in India losing power just last week. What next?
Candidates running for President in America are talking about the goal of energy independence. I am anxiously waiting to learn more about how they plan to achieve it.
How do we seriously look at all of the options to be set free as consumers of power? What if we could make our own power where we live?
It is time to educate the public and encourage conservation with tax incentives and long term loan financing of conservation and power generation measures.
Solar energy is available to most of us and fortunately the cost per watt of solar PV panels is projected to be less than $1.00 by 2015. It was $6.00 just 5 years ago. WOW!
Is it possible that in few years each one of homeowner could reduce their demand by 35% via energy efficiency and then make their own power from solar source?
That will be a great day to Hope for? This is the real war we need to fight to deal with the natural consequences of global warming.
Let us divest from the weapons of destruction as we invest in weapons of constructive actions to develop our economy.
Please share your ideas on how we gain energy independence?

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