Sunday, July 08, 2012

Distribubted Generation -Empowers consumer to become energy independent

We watch the horrors of recent Climate change as it devastates some parts of America and rest of the World. It make news and many wish that power generator should switch overnight to Green energy and shut down coal or oil based power plants etc.Realistically, it is not going to happen soon because it is cheaper for them to deny that Climate change has nothing to do with their emission etc. etc.
What choice does the Customer has now?
No one can stop from buying the power made by these plants and help increase distributed generation in our communities.
What is distributed generation? It is the ability to install power generation equipment at our homes so we do not rely on power made far away and transmitted over miles to the point of consumption.Many incentives and financing is available now so it is right time to act. New York State has generous policy to enable us to make our own power. We should take advantage of "on-bill" financing and change our lights to LED lights, and install solar panels and solar thermal system at each house. By paying for these improvements to the power company over 5 to 7 years the consumer will be paying comparable amount of their current energy bill and soon be reaping the benefit of lower energy costs for the life time.
Imagine the consumer making all or majority of their energy need at their site so power plants would have to reduce their plant production. Once the demand for power reduces, it will be possible to shut off the coal plants first and then oil fired units.
Other power generating systems running on natural gas or Nuclear would continue till Wind, Solar and Geothermal technologies gain capacity like Germany has already shown to the world.
Better future is in our hand.  Let us act now and take advantage of the incentives.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Celebrate July 4th with enhanced conservation

It felt so good to see gasoline selling for $3.35 in New York. The price drop over last month shows that if speculators are not playing commodity games and consumer is buying more efficient technology, then energy costs can be controlled. Energy independence must be our goal and we must do everything to first reduce the energy consumption and then produce new green energy to avoid using oil based products. Fortunately there is abundant supply of domestic natural gas that will help us shift to this cleaner fuel in the transition period.
Happy July 4th as we move to newer Green future.

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