Sunday, April 22, 2012

Energy Independence is Earth day message!

Earthday 2012 has special message and hope for America to seek energy independence. Let us resolve to make our oil import zero by 2020. New cars running on natural gas are coming to help live with our own resources and not use gasoline.
I have driven my 2004 Prius for over 230,500 miles. Now I am ready to take delivery of my plug in hybrid Prius next week. Hopefully my commute to the office will be on electric using the night time recharging. Better days are ahead for us as we learn to conserve energy and develop new green power sources at the consumer sites.
Earthday 2013 will be better with application of Green technologies in sustainable green communities.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Energy Highway to help economic growth in New York State

Last week NYS Governor Cuomo announced a program to seek input for a proposed Energy Highway in the State for powering the needs of our communities. This is in response to the shortages of power in some areas where the power grid is deficient to carry power from the remote power generation sources.Enhancing existing or building new transmission lines to the point of demand is obviously the main objective. In addition, New York should give serious consideration to distributed energy generation options.
Incentives to produce Green power via Solar, Wind and Biogas digesters can help expand clean energy supply, make the producers economically stronger and reduce the need for remotely generated power.
New York has a very large base of Farms where food is produced and many food processing plants make packages for our communities. These businesses create jobs and are seriously affected by the cost of energy and environmental issues. Helping this business sector with self produced green energy will save money, help our economy and save the environment.
We are happy to see our Leaders take steps to implement these innovative solutions.

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