Thursday, March 08, 2012

Nature Gifts are for us to become Energy Independent

It was nice to meet a young public works official for a small Village that has enthusiastically embraced the idea of Green. It is easier for the next generation to understand how our financial problems need ways to reduce costs and energy plays an important role. This superintendent of public works brought in maps to show old dump sites as potential for solar power installation and suggested the water tanks on the highest point for a wind mill. As we talked about micro hydro power he took us to a Village park site where three sluice gate sites already exist and may be converted to small micro hydro power generation sites.

Here are three examples of using nature's free gifts to make green power and this Village can now plan to create this power, when some financial incentives are available from the State or Federal programs.

Sustainable green planning is key to look around and find locations within the community that can help us receive the gifts of nature and help us achieve energy independence. Are you aware of what your gifts are in your community?

Go for it!


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