Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Minnowbrook Municipal Conference at Blue Mountain lake NY

I am excited to go tomorrow to the Minnow brook conference center at Blue Mountain lake and make a presentation on Energy Independence to Municipal officials.

With limited tax base and low economic growth, the best option is to control costs. Energy costs are going up faster and therefore it makes sense to reduce it with Conservation, energy efficiency and production of green energy with Geothermal, Wind and Solar.

Net Metering laws and financial incentives are now making it possible for a consumer to reduce the energy demand and limit their exposure to rising energy costs.

This goal can be accomplished with planning and long term vision to finance the capital improvements.

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Stop fuel waste from idling cars

It was nice for our local TV channel 8 to cover the fuel saving story. It was followed by an invitation to share the concept with a CEO learning group via Internet radio talk show on April 22 2011- The Earth Day.
The link is given below;
This proven technology can save fuel and return the investment in 6-9 months of savings. So why not all the school district and communities investing the pension money as a short term loan and save lots of money for years to come. It offers a guaranteed return of lot more than 3-4% they get from treasury notes, bonds etc.
This is one of the steps to gain energy independence.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Fuel Savings for Municipal Vehicles as Gasoline costs soar

Some of the Municipal vehicles such as police area or public works trucks to have idel running time when the car is parked and engine keeps running to allow all radio, communication and other equipment operative. Exhaust under these conditions affects the air quality and money is lost as we burn fuel every hour of idle time.

Fortunately an innovative retrofit solution is available and we were able to get a demonstration grant from NYSERDA for Wayne county New York. See the local TV coverage on this grant for more information. The link is given below;

By retrofitting two police cars and one truck the communities will be able to save money and get their investment back in 4- 6 months and continue savings for 5+ years.
The intention is to encourgae the fleets to make the investment and greatly reduce the fuel usage in such applications. School buses would also be good application for this technology.


Saturday, April 02, 2011

Energy Independent Farms and Sustainable Communities

The thought of National and State debts going up scares me, from our future point of view. What are we giving to the next generation? Our dependence on oil and military interventions to protect oil are costly and too much money is leaving the country giving us trade deficits.

Let us focus on Green Solutions and stop spending borrowed money.
How do produce value at home and keep the money in our local economy? The answer is to think of sustainable green strategies and help develop local businesses. Invest in conservation, finance long term green power generation systems.

New York States is fortunate to have a very large agricultural business base. Many rural Counties have large number of dairy farms, Fruits and vegetable farms which supports the local economy. Most farms have large land areas and potential for wind energy, solar energy and biomass energy. These farms can become an economic engine for the local community if the Community Leaders decide to invest in long term strategy of renewable energy development at these farms. Local green jobs and availability of local grown food with improved environment are key benefits.

As the Nations invests in Green infrastructure we should focus on helping these farms become economically stable, energy independent and provider of green power and bio fuels. There is GOLD waiting to be extracted in this Green Sector.

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