Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sustainable Schools

We are working with a New York based college in adopting a comprehensive sustainable green design policy for the campus. The main objective is to get the students and teachers get involved with modifying the facilities to achieve conservation of water and energy and promote the use of renewable energy.
Is any one doing something similar in USA?

Welcome to the Sustainable Communities Blog

This blog is my dream for bringing information and ideas that can bring changes in small hamlets, Villages, and Towns, applying the sustainbale green design principles. The elected leaders and community citizen group need to find better ways to conserve energy & water, use renewable energy, and make walkable communities via bikeways that link parks and other recreational sites.

Adopting a sustainable Green design resolution would be the first step by the Municipality.

This is a journey that has begun in some communities and we need to spread the word so wherever we live, we can show how waste of energy and water resources can be stopped and improve the economic conditions. The end result is creating smart communities where nature is respected and the resources are used wisely. Transition to "hydrogen"-based energy sources is essential and we need to educate people about smarter choices to live in harmony with nature.

As a professional environmental engineer with 36 years of experience with municipalities, it is my hope that new ideas will be contributed by others to offer practical solution for change.

Ram Shrivastava