Monday, December 04, 2017

Climate Reality 24 hours Broadcast is on NOW. Watch it and get involved

It is time to act smart and do something as individuals. Just watching natural disaster is not enough if you care about this planet and our people.

December 4th and 5th 2017 is giving everyone an excellent opportunity to get global perspective and plant the seeds of great transformation for each community.

The positive message of the global broadcast focuses on Reality of Climate and encourages us to focus on solutions and bring prosperity to the world.

The bright future with renewable energy awaits us as we clean the environment make healthy choices.

As Americans we have the unfortunate situation that Democrats and Republican politicians have politicize this people issue and some politicians do not have the strength to do right and not be fearful of their reelection chances.

I am happy to be part of this fantastic event that will change the world. As Gandhi said... Be the Change that you want to see in the world ( not exact words). Just do it!