Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Good News! Climate Change Awareness has achieved control of CO2 emmissions

Thank you to all the scientists that have been warning about Climate change and global warning while the world ignored it for many decades. Inconvenient truth movie brought this issue to the forefront and for last 10 years debates started in USA.

Rest of the world noticed the risks resulting from this problem and cost of repairing natural disaster events. Technology solutions were developed as the world found new sources of clean energy to serve our need.

Solar power technology using the PV cells witnessed huge reduction of 90% over a decade which made it possible to make power for much lower costs. One watt of PV cell went from $8.00 per watt to now 40 cents cost. So one can imagine why we can now make power for lower cost then power purchased from the Utility, with some incentives from Federal or State.

This is probably the biggest reason why solar power growth has been at a scale of over 30,000% over a decade. Politics may sway some Leaders to say that global warming or Climate change is not reality. International Energy Agency just released a report that C)2 emissions are now flat and no longer going up. This is victory for mankind and assures us that as more people adopt clean solar power and switch their cars to Electric Vehicles the world would experience a reduction in atmospheric C)2 levels. It no longer matters what our elected Leaders say, the marketplace is irreversible and will lead us to more Green power and reductions in Green House Gasses.

The truth about affordable solar energy is known to all and with lower cost solar programs, some Climate smart communities have taken the lead and become energy independent.

In New York State any Municipality can now fix the cost of power with solar power installation and make it possible to achieve less than 6 cents per kwh power after the system capital is recovered in about 10 years. The power cost today is about 10 cents per Kwh so imagine paying 6 cents per Kwh after 10 years and keeping it at that level for another 20 years. These could be the Years of prosperity when money saved in enerrgy cost will help local economy.

Let us take advantage of this reality and achieve triple bottom line- Save money, save the environment and help build our communities.

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