Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day 2017 A time for Celebration and expressing Gratitude to Science

This is a special day to celebrate accomplishments and progress made in renewable energy field.
Who would have thought 5 years ago that Clean power could be made at the same cost as Coal? Technology advancements by scientists have given us efficient solar panels, smaller invertors, high capacity wind turbines for off shore application and compact battery storage.

There is no reason to doubt about progress in renewable energy field, because technology will lead us to better future. Corporations such as Apple, Walmart and Google would lead the world in showing  Green pathways and leave the polluting old technology behind.

As some experts  have said, the market place will decide the future and not wait for our Government to control what happens in this renewable energy field. It is time to train the coal miners to operate Solar and Wind farms or manufacture these system in America under Make in America plans.

It is not too far away when off shore wind turbines make 40% of the future renewable energy in New York and large commercial solar farm cover our landscape. Our goal of 50% renewable energy shall be met by 2030.

Our communities can now have community solar farms serving their residents and make power at same cost as the Utility. This energy independence goal is now achievable. Smart communities will demonstrate this as more examples are visible in America.

It is time to pray for good wisdom to be given to our leaders so a cleaner greener future awaits the next generation with efforts made by our generation.

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