Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sustainable Green Communities now seeking Reseliency for Climate Change adaptation

Solar energy is now the fastest growing Solution with potential to make power at same cost as other power sources. Therefore future power plants are more likely to be solar or Wind farms as compared to traditional designs.

Utility companies need base load power combined with peak load power such as solar to meet the grid demand. The management of the Grid and distributed generation is key to meet variable demands of the day.

Lower cost energy storage would be the game changer, where many Energy Storage companies will create a huge market in coming decade, as the unit cost of storage goes down. This is similar to what  happened to the price of solar PV panels in past 8 years.

Combining solar PV  with storage and controls would be the ideal solution where the energy production can match the usage and reduce the need to transmit power from remote power plants.

An added benefit to the communities would be their ability to create small micro-grids where power never fails when grid goes down. Without the storage, the Green power generation system must be turned off when power fails.

Better energy solutions are around the corner for planning sustainable Green communities seeking energy independence and resilient future for economic growth.

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