Saturday, May 28, 2016

Solar Power is the Future ! Arabian Countries are now installing massive Solar Power Farms.

What is happening in 2016 is incredible and beyond imagination. Energy Independence is here now and within our reach to help create sustainable green communities.

It is not too far in future when energy consumers all around the world would have access to green energy and not need the fixed power transmission network. Examples in India, China, Africa and United Arab Emirates(UAE) are great example of current activities. UN development with renewable energy

Nature's free gift to the world via Solar energy  has combined with human innovation to make it possible to make Clean and Green power and help existing Utility infrastructure. It should be noted that maximum power is produced in summer months when the energy demand is high and cost of power at peak hours is the highest. This make solar power made in the distribution system a valuable asset.

In New York State the incentives for solar power and now Community Distributed Generation can make a significant jump in green power production over next 5 years. Smart communities will take the opportunity and create 2 to 5 MW size CDG  systems where power produced is shared by the members of this group.

This is very strong long term strategy for economic development. We are lucky to be in New York State when it comes to support for renewable energy.

Memorial day reminds us about the sacrifices made by veterans in defending our freedom. When we defend other oil producing nations we were trying to secure nonrenewable energy supply. Now we can switch to natural green energy and not ever need to send our soldiers to fight for oil. Let us create new Green power advocates who will make us energy independent and reduce the environmental damage caused by burning oil,coal and natural gas. It is time to fight the Climate Change war with Green Weapons that create Good and not destruction.

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