Sunday, May 10, 2015

For Power Consumers - We have the choice to Achieve Energy Freedom!

Can 2015 be the beginning of new consumer movement that allows them to be free from the Utility? In New York State the Policies under review will take us closer to realizing this dream. Elon Musk and his vision to provide and promote lower cost energy storage was announced on April 30th. Combined with Solar power and smart controls this enables the customer to buy power at night and use it in the day powered by storage system in the garage.

The old paradigm is that we need the power company to sell us power at whatever cost and we have no choice. It worked when other options were beyond consumers reach. Now it is time to have distributed generation with storage and let them be paid for the service, connectivity and backup power.

With Solar PV system now at below $2.00 per watt and storage around $400 per KW, we are closer to Energy Freedom. This message would soon reach more people and the time to take bold action could happen starting in 2015.

After 45 years of celebrating Earth Day, the time has come when one can imagine the dream coming true.What makes this timely is the fact that Climate change is getting the national attention and people realize that resiliency of power is important when the power grid goes down. The peace of mid that it does not matter when power goes down because now you have your own power plant and storage system that can be activated automatically with smart control and keep you home or business running. This is safety, comfort and economic issue.

Smart consumer living ins sustainable Green communities will realize this and take advantage of financial incentives, long term low interest financing and become secure and seek their Energy Freedom.

What are we waiting for?  Energy Independence is around the corner.

Go for it!

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