Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sustainable Climate Change Solutions - Based on Solar and Battery Storage

Innovation and new technologies are racing to bring the cost down for the customers.
Solar PV system installed costs have reduced by 75% and battery storage technology is also showing similar reduction in cost.

As climate changes we will need to implement energy security measures so we have power and quality of life when our Utility grid is out of service. The best defense is to make power where you use it and have provision to store on site so our critical needs can be met during the power failure.

It is now possible to project that very soon in New York State, we can make Solar  power for same cost as current cost of electricity ranging from 7-9 cents per kWh. Once the investment is made this cost does not change for the 30 year + life of the system as compared to about 3% escalation each year by the Utility.
With affordable battery storage systems we will be able to charge the batteries with night power and then use it along with the solar power production to meet the daytime needs.

Energy supply reliability is now a concern because of extreme climate change events taking place more frequently, What to do now? Our choices are to pay much higher amount to Utility company as they invest Billions in upgrading the power plants, old transmission and distribution system and pass on the cost to consumers. Alternatively we can act and seek independence by investing in generation and storage technology.

Hope the innovations and cost reductions in both solar and energy storage technology makes this dream possible.

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