Thursday, January 01, 2015

January 1 2015- A day to seek Energy Independence for all Consumers supporting Sustainability

Last year 2014 was filled with progress with new energy generation initiatives and Environmental protection commitments made by Global Leaders. China and America led by setting goals and the rest of the world was made very aware by real Climate tragedies that denying climate change is now taken as a mark of Ignorance.
How can we and why should we waste time and energy on this debate?
Smart people will move forward with smart solutions and let the naysayers stand on the side lines.
Renewable energy is now the best Instrument of Peace to gain energy independence, which can now be seen as more installations of such systems are completed.
In New York State Wayne County based Town of Williamson took the lead by building 1.5 Mega Watts solar PV system on their closed landfill. Larsen Engineers assisted them in creating the long term sustainability plan and installing the large scale solar PV system to make 100% of their energy use at Municipal facilities.
So this Year the Town of Williamson, NY can celebrate the Energy Independence and motivate others to do the same. The ultimate economic benefit for the community is to fix the cost of power for next 40 years with savings of over 1 Million Dollars.
As the oil and gasoline prices go down below $2.00 they clearly prove the power of reducing consumption by the energy consumers. The seller of dirty fuels can not stop the consumers if they decide NOT to use oil based products. This is the time to resolve and ramp up the energy conservation and green power generation to further put pressure and keep the oil and gas price low.
Someday Oil will become irrelevant as we embrace Solar, Wind and Biomass power to replace the conventional dirty fuels. It can be done in 20 years if we all resolve today to take such actions.

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