Sunday, May 11, 2014

Climate Change Adaptation by Sustainable Green Communities

Finally the President is talking about the importance of taking action to deal with Climate Change. By now we must realize that some people are simply not going to accept the truth and trying to convince them may be a waste of time. The best strategy would be to shine the spotlight on communities that are doing energy conservation,building green energy generation systems to go Green and save money at the same time.
Real examples of such communities need to be shared, so the residents of other communities can ask their Leaders why are we not doing the same?
The myth that it will cost money should be removed with real examples of transformation to more efficient buildings and shift to renewable energy sources.
Action speaks for itself. We hope that everyone that is taking Leadership in this area is pointed out.
Walmart is no exception in this area even when some union supporting people may not like their wage policies. It is time that news media reports cover such success stories to inform their viewers and readers.
More Jobs Clean environment and reduction of green house gases will be the outcome as we save money to invest in future. Hopefully the energy independent developments and communities will share their stories with their neighbors and encourage them to do the same. County and State governments must support such actions and help others with green financing to achieve similar results.

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