Saturday, May 04, 2013

Energy Independence is the pathway to Economic Growth

This is a follow up report on the Sustainable Planning workshop held at Town of Williamson, N.Y.

It was my pleasure to be a part of this group session and the group interacted exceptionally well. The experience was very encouraging and many folks left inspired by the possibility of change in the community.

The ideas developed at this meeting will help to implement new renewable energy based initiatives to encourage economic development.

This is an example of sustainable green planning helping us go toward Energy Independence and economic development. Hopefully this EPA funded study will be a good example for others so more communities can do the same. This is an excellent program to bring local community leaders to come together and create a sustainable green vision for their hometown.

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EPA supports Sustainable Green Communities Smart & Growth at Town of Williamson, N.Y.

Last night I took part in a workshop for Town of Williamson in Wayne County NY. EPA had given a grant to this community to hold a workshop and review the potential tools to help in economic development and prepare a strategy to achieve their goals.
Today there is going to be a whole day session with community leaders to review their options and develop their plan to become a sustainable community. I hope to share some ideas with the group and offer to help them to achieve this dream over time.
With large scale solar system planned to make them a net-zero community Town of Williamson has already taken a bold step toward energy independence. Many other communities should follow the Town of Williamson example and do the same.

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