Saturday, June 02, 2012

Happiness and Energy Independence

If you have not heard about Zappos then please do go to their web site and learn about how Happiness matters. This innovative and visionary company is making a difference by first taking care of their people and then taking care of the community. Imagine a large company moving their head quarters to Las Vegas downtown and making the commitment to revive the community.They are setting a great example for public - private sector to get engaged and help in sustaining our communties with economic development.

The interesting fact is that Zappos makes more money and many other large corporations are now learning from their experience and adopting the same philosophy.

Who does not want to be Happy? So why not focus on making your staff happy by giving them a great purpose to work for and resources to make a contribution.
Energy Independence is a great cause and we should focus on conservation and Green power generation in our facilities and communities.

Every individual effort counts as it brings you the feeling of Happiness. Take my example of recently buying a plug in Prius. The additional cost of about $8,000 may only give me annual gas savings of 150 gallons worth $500.00. It is clearly a bad economic decision if you only consider dollars and cents. What about the value of 7,500 miles per year  of driving on battery power, with smile and satisfaction that I am not using any gas and not polluting the air for others to breath. For me, every day of this experience is worth every penny of the additional cost.
Hopefully the demand created by buyers like me will help reduce the cost to produce such cars and soon we will have bigger battery power range at lower cost for more people to buy such cars. My last hybrid Prius has 232,000 miles and I look forward to having a similar "smile filled" experience with this "plug in hybrid".

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