Saturday, May 26, 2012

Plug in Hybrid- Buy now or Wait?

So why should we buy a plug in hybrid?

Most of the buyers may be doing it because their heart says it is right thing to do. The mind  and most auto review experts say that  you will not get the return on investment for high cost of storage battery.  If it is all about money than stay with old technology and by a regular car that gives 40 miles per gallon. If you crave for energy independence some day than do it for the experience of joy of not using gasoline. With cost of storage batteries high most cars have small range. My Prius" plug in" takes me about 12 miles of pure pleasure of "Zero gasoline" range. I charge the car again at the office and then return home with zero use of gasoline. How do you price this feeling? The money saved from gasoline may only be worth $2.00 each day assuming the 50 miles per gallon for Prius. One has to experience the feeling as you see the gauge and find out that you reached the office in EV range and still have left over miles. Although I must admit that I wish it had the minimum 30 miles per charge range.

Each buyer should be considered as an investor in our future by creating the demand for these expensive cars.Some day the new battery storage technology will give us 300+mile range and filling station that can recharge in 15 minutes. That will be the day when Americans would not have to look at the gas stations price tags and just go past these conventional stations to parking lots, where electric charge station will do the job while you have lunch or shop in the store.

It is this dream that inspires the initial buyers of these hard to justify cars with the decision whether to buy the plug in or EV car?

Some decisions are made with passion in your heart and overlook the money calculations that shows how many years it takes to recover the extra money you paid for the plug in hybrid or EV technology. How do yo measure the Happiness in your heart or value of smile when you experience this new technology. I am loving it. Do not postpone to experience this for future.. It is only the present that counts.

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