Saturday, December 31, 2011

Green Energy Tax Credits ending Tonight. Future?

People who are interested in generating Green power are promised a 30% tax credit on project cost as long as project began in 2011. Many Farms, businesses and institutions are signing contracts before the end of this year to lock in the tax credits. The amount of this incentive could be very large. For example a farmer building the digester and bio gas energy generation system at 2.5 million dollar cost could be entitled to $750,000 tax credit. If other grant incentives are available then 50% of the cost may be covered from State energy and USDA grants.

These projects become feasible if lending institutions or Economic Development loans are available to pay for upfront costs and make the project a smart investment for the Farmer.

Losing the 30% tax starting next year is a big setback to the sustainability and Green programs. Please let the politicians know that extending these credits is a critical investment in America's future.

In the past, America has dumped Billions of Dollars in Foreign wars on weapons and human capital. This must end with the new energy independence war that invests money in America to help American businesses.In the end the oil is replaced with local green power,local jobs are retained and environment is protected. Win-Win is much better than wasting money on protecting the enemy interests because we buy oil from them.

Let us hope that the new Government in 2012 would make smart move and embark on the war for energy independence. By July 4th,2020 we could be free from importing oil.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dairy Farmers Need Help to Produce Green Power

Participated in a seminar last week where farmers were informed about new EPA Air Quality regulations.The potential impact on these business could be very serious and most expressed their fear of losing the business.Greenhouse gas emmissions caused by Methane is the target issue.
Common question was how can the Federal government do this? Farming has been generational family business and now this law can put them out of business.This naturally produced gas by Animal digestive process or manure digestion is both a problem and a resource. It is not practical to control emmissions from cows but manure is proven to be a valuable resource to produce biogas and green power. The farms now need long term low interest financing to build the necessary digestion and power generation system. When EPA comes with Air Emmission standards it should accompany funding from USDA to help them build what can help solve the problem. A Green revolving loan tax free Bond fund is essential to keep these hard working family and businesses retain jobs in America. Our economy is too weak to kill it with new regulation but no funding to help solve the problem. The States with large dairy farms should take action now to deal with Fedral EPA regulations.
Our leaders should be made aware of thes issues in New York State.

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