Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spend and keeping our money locally is Green!

The current economic conditions, lack of jobs and National debt crisis has devastated the financial markets last week and raised the fear of recession.
What can we do locally? How do we help the country? We have the power to change!

Start by taking action at home, and helping the local economy would be the easy place to begin. Support the local farm businesses by purchasing fresh produce grown in our community.Communities can collaborate with large dairies and share the benefit of green bio gas power to make electricity and CNG for vehicles. Take advantage of conservation and Green power generation incentives to produce your own power and invest the saved money in local community.

Look for American made labels and be willing to pay a little more so the jobs stay in America. Consumer has tremendous power so buying the products that our local companies make should be a priority. The cash flow going out of the country must be slowed down to help us deal with paying off the National debt.

Let us do what is the right thing to do. What are we waiting for ?