Saturday, February 12, 2011

Can the worth of Oil someday be like Salt?

Search the history and you will find that salt used to be expensive and used as currency in Roman times. Refrigeration and other Technologies made the demand and It's value go down.Salt is no longer a precious commodity. We can make "oil" face the same outcome, by inventing and using alternative energy sources enabling us to live without it.

The opportunity and challenge for our society is to find alternative energy solutions that does not require petroleum.Investing and financing Solar PV, Wind, and Geothermal systems etc. over a term of 30 to 40 years can make it affordable to switch to Green power.

If we want to make Green power with alternative technology, then we should not evaluated using the cost of power today. It should not be evaluated with traditional payback analysis. The real payback will be our ability to say that "what happens in oil producing countries does not matter to us anymore".

Not using oil and other petroleum resources must be our vision so we can say good bye to Oil and make it's worth equal to salt within 25 years.

The President has started us on this journey- which will show us all that " Green is Gold". Let us not wait any longer. Start now and "Be the Change".