Thursday, December 16, 2010

Electric car Leaf is delivered today in San Francisco Bay area

Sustainable green communities are building electric charging stations in the city to allow electric car owner to charge at multiple public locations. The reward is that Nissan selected such location to be the first ones to get new LEAF.
This starts and renews a new era for transportation. Using the low cost night power consumers can charge the cars at home. When needed during the city trips it can also be charged at the public charging stations by using a credit card.
I wish I could get one in Rochester New York. Hope our leaders would follow California example and give us the same opportunity to go green.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

There is no waste in Sustainable Green Community

Living with nature means that every thing has some value and should not be wasted. Cradle to Cradle principle is demonstrated to us by Nature. Even after serving the original purpose, the living plants and organisms get transformed into the next cycle of life.

The commercial interests have shown us the short term convenience of "Use and Discard" principle. It is certainly convenient but makes us use more natural resources.The demand on energy has been escalated by so called advancements and resulted in negative global consequences. Climate change is REAL. We have a choice to adopt now and modify our way of living to smart nature based, or pay for the consequences of neglect.

Sustainable green communities are great examples of reducing waste and converting wastes to some useful product. Last week, I witnessed a new product in Rochester NY.
A company called "Epiphergy" is selling an Ethanol package plant for multi-residential or small businesses to produce Ethanol from organic waste to fuel automobiles. The cars can be retrofitted to run on 85%+ Ethanol for $300 to $500 and 30 to 70 gallons of ethanol fuel can be made per week by this automatic unit. We can now recycle and reuse food waste or high sugar content industrial waste to make our bio fuel. No need to use food corn etc to make ethanol, why not do it with waste at local level in neighborhoods? Hope innovations such as Epiphergy are successful as we move toward sustainable green dream.