Saturday, July 31, 2010

Helping Businesses get their energy tax money back

If we ever look at the details on the invoices for energy costs, many charges appear and companies simply pay the bills and not realize what it all means. Green Communities are now looking for first saving energy in their own facility and then make an effort to inform the tax payers so they can do the same. It would help the large employers if the Community made contacts with Power companies and other state agencies and provide their grants information to local businesses. We are calling it grant or incentive but in reality it is their money coming back to them. Here is a real example- A company in North country New York State pays over $750,000 in electric and gas costs per year. I noticed their February 2010 invoice and saw a systems benefit charge(SBC) of $8500. Vow this is almost $100,000 per year in taxes meant for energy conservation. If they have paid this over last 10 years than their contribution would be around 1 Million dollars. It is their money and they are entitled to get it back as energy incentive to make plant retrofits to save energy. The community leaders should get involved and help the businesses improve their bottom line to preserve jobs and help in economic development. This is how you can sustain the community.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Green is Gold has common destination

When we hear at the current debate on Climate change between environmentalists and Business leaders it focuses on the differences in their approach. The result is waste energy and satisfaction of individual ego.

Green is Gold encompasses both perspectives and points at the benefits of taking action. So what does it mean? Well the message is that doing green things can help you find gold or monetary gain from the savings in energy and other operating costs. It happens to also help reduce our dependence on oil and reduces the carbon footprint hence help fight climate change.

Doing green things to save money is what the business wants. Doing green things to save the planet is what environmentalists want. What is common is taking action and stop arguing.

We should take pragmatic green activities and not waste time. Everyone will benefit by this approach and leave the politics for people who would rather just talk and take no action.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Start PACE Financing Now for Energy Independence

Borrowing money or taking debt is generally not a good idea. Our taxes are high so most Municipalities should not add to their current debt. However, it makes all the sense to start Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program to seed economic development. Local tax payers and businesses can borrow funds against their property to make energy efficiency improvements or generate green power. The low interest loans are paid back from the energy savings and will never run out. It will continue to seed many green projects, save the tax payers money and reduce our energy demand.
In New York State this legislation is now in effect. We should take advantage of PACE to stimulate the slow economy.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Internet bringing Sustainability Professionals together

I was on an Internet Radio show today sharing ideas on Green is Gold concepts with business leaders. Without leaving my desk, I was connected with the world where anyone could have logged on to the show and hear my thoughts. What an opportunity to collaborate with people who share the passion and learn to make our world a better place. Through the Internet I hope others will help me and give me an opportunity to help them reach the green goals.

We can make the right choices and follow the laws of nature and reduce our dependence on oil and other non-renewable resources. The opportunity to create net-zero buildings, factories and communities is in our hand. July 4th 2020 is going to be a much better time, experienced by smarter sustainable green communities who will take action now to create a better future.

Living with such dream will make the journey very exciting and offer a challenging experience. What are we waiting for? start now.