Thursday, January 07, 2010

Energy Reduction Goals need to be set at the Top

With the help of stimulus funding in New York State about 80 energy conservation studies are to start in many small communities. The goal would be to save energy or produce energy to reduce our dependence on imported oil. Our NY State Governor recently talked about increasing the goal to 45% reduction. The previous goal was 15 % reduction by Year 2015. It makes sense for all community leaders to think and set similar goals and announce it to the community. Key officials in the government would then know what steps to take to achieve the goal and focus on high energy use areas.

Collaborate with people from various community sectors such as education, housing, recreation, seniors, businesses etc. Everyone can participate with ideas for cost reduction and then professionals can put dollar values to cost of projects and projected savings.

The energy conservation studies provide the ideal opportunity to get community involved and find the solutions to our energy problems. The PON 4 studies in New York States are 100% covered by the grant. Energy Conservation measures identified through this process would then be implemented and save money over the long run.