Friday, May 02, 2008

Time is right to go for " No less than Net-Zero"

As we watch helplessly the energy costs go high through our pocket books, the mind wonders how do we free ourselves from this dependence? The new Mantra should be " Net Zero" for homes, offices, public buildings.

The resolve and technologies are both here to reach this goal. What we need is the life cycle outlook and not just the first year cost. Invest now for the future.

The reward of kissing good bye to oil and other petroleum based systems are huge if everyone gets serious about it, and resolve to be FREE.

Imagine the feeling when it does not matter how much a barrel of oil or cubic feet of natural gas costs? This is the basis of many forward thinking community leaders are considering making the community is Net-Zero community. Hope this wave catches on in a big way as we try to set new bench marks.